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A French-born French says this on a day


The 33-year-old actor was originally from South Africa
Krugersdorp near Johannesburg, won 23 tablespoons in three years for Les Bleus.

He participated in the 2015 World Cup and began the embarrassing quarter-final defeat by eventual champions New Zealand.

"Rugby has been a part of my life since I was a little boy
Will continue to be but I no longer play this beautiful game, "
Said on Instagram.

"I arrived in France 11 years ago with a backpack
And her heart is full of dreams, I would never have imagined that I would have
I experienced what I experienced. "
He added alongside his pictures
Game clubs for Castres, Brive, Bayonne and Claremont, as well as for

Spiding, best known for his accurate long-range kicks in hand
And the tee, would have refused the status of the player who came through
Academy by the National League (LNR) despite her appearances in Bleus
With a French passport.

He took the LNR to the Consul d'Etat, the Supreme Court of France,
Last May claiming that the decision prevented him from "finding an employer" but
His appeal was postponed in April.

His club focus has reached the 14th Top Top with Clermont only for the second time in the history of the outfit in 2017.

The current side of Spedding Castres are to defend the French champions
Fighting for a place at the end of the playoff season with two rounds
Of the usual season left.

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