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A UK mother remained paralyzed following a stroke caused by a birth control pill

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She remained partially paralyzed after suffering from a stroke caused by the birth control pill.

Issey Fuchs, 28, took the pill for three months when she began to feel ill and felt she was hurling her words.

She went to the hospital, where the tests revealed a stroke in her right frontal lobe, leaving her left hand, arm, and part of her face paralyzed.

Doctors identified the pill as a factor after tests on her family history and tests showed she was otherwise healthy.

Miss Fox said: "All the tests showed no other reason, but the only thing that changed recently was the fact that I took the pill three months ago.

Miss Fuchs, who has one son, Freddy and her partner Liam Connolly, 28, went out for lunch with her mother Rayonne on February 8, when she noticed that she muttered, her left shoulder fell and her arm was weak to lift.

The part-time business support officer said: "I had a perfectly normal day, so we went home and the next thing I could not talk to.

"My mother said that all my face just fell, she said," Do you have a stroke? "And I said," I think so. "

"But it was still a shock when I was told in A & E that I had a stroke, I just did not think they were talking about me.

Miss Fox, Macro, added: "I'm putting up with it now, at first I felt just shock, I was dealing with the physical side effects, like the paralyzed hand, the paralyzed, tired face.

"Now it's more of a side effect, it was a real emotional struggle, there was a lot of anger, and" What am I? "Now that's just a case of going ahead and doing what I can."

Although she is well, Miss Fox said the stroke had left her with an "unpleasant smile" and felt self-conscious in her mirror.

She added: "In the first two weeks my smile was horribly curved, and I would change a lot, now it's just a case of patience.

"Wake up and realize again that your face is not working is just an emotional drain, it just takes time."

She wants to make more women aware of the potential side effects of taking the pill and is raising funds for the Stroke Association by participating in 5 km charity run.

She said: "Raising awareness is really important, not many women know that stroke is one of the risks involved in using hormonal contraception.

The Association of Stroke Association of Sarah Adralley said Miss Fox proof stroke can affect both young and old. "One of four strokes actually happens to people of working age like Izzy," she added.

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