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ANC calls for unity as senior leaders fight over social media


ANC veteran Karl Nihaus and ANC election head Fikile Mbalula. Photos: Daylin Paul and Bongani Shilulbane / African News Agency (ANA)
JOHANNESBURG – The ANC has been troubling inter-faction tensions among its leaders following the election, saying they are undermining the organization's efforts to unite.

It came after the internal rifts of the party developed into open warfare on social media as senior leaders researched the controversial ANC veteran Karl Nihuis's employment at Luthuli House by Secretary Ace Magashule.

On Wednesday, the head of ANC's election council, Pickle Bluff, appealed to the social media and asked Nihaus – an avid supporter of Goshol – what he was doing at the party headquarters.

"You're a crook, what the fuck are you doing? Lee House is still a mystery to us now, when we've finished the election, we've got to take care of you," he squeaked.

Bluela's comments came after Nihos complained that they were blocked by a bluff on Twitter. Mbalula accused Magashule of being behind the comments of the Free State ANC Youth League which called for political interference in Gauteng for its bad performance and election.

Nihauz wrote: "Hmmm, so this young man, Mr. Pierpo ****, has disappeared and blocked me." He seems to be a lot afraid, especially his involvement in his blunt opportunism, careerism and disrespect for the elderly, such as the SG of ANC, member of Magashule_Ace. Talk about real cowardice.

ANC national spokesman Paul Mieva attacked the party leaders for publicly engaging.

"The ANC leadership spoke of the need for maximum unity during this period and encouraged all our cadres to do everything in our power to ensure that we determine unity." If there are issues to be discussed at ANC, there are enough forums and platforms within the organization to address them, .

Maeve said both President Cyril Ramapuza and Regula spoke of the need for unity within the party, which remained divided between those connected with the Rambazza and those behind the process.

Mabula and Magola were involved in a public conflict with the influence of Rampusa in the Chinese Communist Party election campaign, which saw the party guarantee 57%, compared with 62% in the general elections in 2014.

Mbalula wins Ramaphosa with victory, saying the ANC was secured less than 40% was Rampaha did not win the presidential party conference was combed passionately of the party in 2017.

However, Magoula rejected Meblula's claims, claiming that people had voted for the Zionist General Council, not a trampling. Minister of Tourism and National Board Member Derek Necom also joined Nayos' question about his controversial past, in which he admitted.

"Carl, let's talk about the money you took from people with your own story about bone marrow cancer.

"A deputy minister even went to your mother's funeral, only to find out she was still alive," he said.

Nekum and Mabula did not respond until they went to print.

Niehaus said he would not explain himself about his past while he was brought up for a legitimate discussion.

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