Thursday , October 6 2022

Angels love, Victoria's Secret celebration returns to New York


With the show again on US soil, the Gigi sisters and Bela Hadid marched the Manhattan 94 Fairway route with the likes of Kendall Jr. and the new Victoria and Secret Vinnie Harlow.

The extravaganza track of panties, along with tall stilettos in the sky, gladiator boots and casual argyle sock, is now in its 24th year. This coming Tuesday it will be broadcast around the world on December 2nd.

Sixty models put on the amazonian display of glittering waving locks, perfectly perfect perfect bodies and sun kissing make-up for what is considered one of the most competitive performances in the industry.

The "fantasy bra" – each year the piece of resistance of the collection – was designed by Elsa Husk Sweden – an amount of $ 1 million of 2,100 Swarovski diamonds, which required 930 hours.

At the world's largest and oldest fashion show, the music was delivered this year from a star of stars led by Rita Ora. The show was the culmination of weeks of advertising and advertising accessories for the brand.

The purpose of the lavish expenses is, of course, to sell bras and panties. Last year, the show took place in Shanghai as the American brand sought to push into the growing lingerie market of China.

The show of 2018 was unique by collaborating with London-based designer Mary Katrantzou that showcased psychedelic bodysuits.

Brazilian model Adriana Lima told AFP behind the scenes in makeup hair that it never gets old despite being her 18th Victoria Secret show.

"I really thought that over the years I feel more relaxed and get used to it, I get angry, as anxious as I was," she said.

"We have fun," said Cindy Bruna, a French model.

"It's not about sacrificing, but about working on what you want," she said. "We're here today, so it's worth it."

It is possible that the organizers gave New York a hosting of a smoother performance. Last year, Gigi Hadid and singer Katy Perry, who was supposed to appear, were apparently denied visas to enter China.

The Ming Shi model, which went back on Thursday, tripped last year. In 2016 the exhibition was held in Paris. In the past, it was also held in Los Angeles, Miami and London.

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