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Apologize to Downplay Player for the legendary drop


Problems with BioWare 's anthem CONTINUE: One player can not pick up a legendary drop item they earned after 80 hours of grinding on it. An ambitious MMORPG was released earlier this year with a seemingly promising assumption: players take on the role of freelancers who must stop the evil Dominion getting her hands on an item called the Anthem of Creation.

anthem Released a lot of negative player feedback, as well as bad reviews, making it the worst review game in the history of BioWare. Players continue to report bugs and malfunctions in the game, with new problems appearing to pop up every day since the release of the game. While updates have been steadily flowing by BioWare, they often introduce new bugs often as they fix existing pre-existing, a source of frustration for players that is starting to brew.

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Bugs do not seem to be going soon though, though. According to a post on Reddit by Dreterichau, Another problem arose: after 80 hours of play, he could not pick up a legendary drop accumulated inside the game. The item was trapped behind a power field and prevented it from lifting it, as shown in the following video:

The leading producer of anthem Ben Irving apologized and explained that BioWare will release a patch to address the problem. He also told players what to do if it happens again before the patch goes out:

"Until patch patch, if you end up in this mode to raise your map and hold LS (left stick) on the controller or Y on your keyboard, it respawn you have to put you on the right side of the fog wall I still do not see it fails to respawn you The correct location.

Again I want to reinforce all this no excuse and I really apologize for not being able to fix it before launch or until now. I can only guarantee that we will do better by you and the community in the future and try to win your trust back. "

What is not clear is whether Dartrishau will ever get the item he earned. On top of the players not getting items they earned, there were also reports of anthem Crashing Playstation 4 consoles, forcing the systems to restart. The subject has become so common that some PS4 players who complained eventually get refunds from Sony. Although BioWare does fix the problem, it is unlikely that those players who received refunds would be willing to purchase the game again.

It looks like BioWare takes feedback from a player who seriously wants to do things by anthem, But it also seems that the publisher EA rushed the title through and forced BioWare to release it too soon before it was fully prepared.This is a kind of publisher-known behavior, many players even go so far as to say that they believe EA destroyed the reputation Of BioWare as a very respectable game developer. Although BioWare has released a note to fans, the damage continues to be done as the studio takes more criticism from anthem Players who expected him better.

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