Monday , June 27 2022

Bitfinex issue token exchange, shareholder claims


Despite the recent lawsuit against them, Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange may be planning to issue a proprietary exchange token, the shareholder of Bitfinex said Coindesk. Chinese trader Dong Zhao claims that while "the details are not 100 percent confirmed," the exchange plans the IPO. Or suggests that Bitfinex will be able to issue $ 850 million worth of tokens, roughly the same exchange value lost access when it is perceived by the US authorities, Poland and Portugal from Crypto Capital, Bitfinex's partner. The stakeholders have the funds.

"The issue method can be similar to that of other exchange tokens distributed through prepaid packages," he said. He believes "the exchange of bills have better liquidity," since they are the only signs that are not "shitcoins." According to GPO, BitFinx CFO Jancarlo Devasini personally assured him that the exchange only needs a few weeks to thaw the funds.

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