Tuesday , May 11 2021

China police smash $ 30m fake Lego ring

The Chinese police dismantled a ring accused of producing about 30 million worth of fake Lego sold across the country, the authorities said.

Police earlier this week raided the premises of Lepin – a Chinese manufacturer of lego knockoffs in the southern city of Shenzhen – the arrest of four people, police in Shanghai said on Friday.

"In October 2018, the Shanghai Police discovered that Lepin's building blocks available in the market were very similar to Lego's," the statement said.

The toys were copied from Lego programs and sent to the Shenzhen factory to be manufactured before being sold all over China.

"Over more than 10 production lines, more than 90 molds have formed … (police seized) about 630,000 pieces completed at a value of more than 200 million yuan (30 million)," the statement said.

Pictures of the raid Tuesday – posted on law enforcement official social media accounts – showed patterns and boxes that looked remarkably similar to lines produced by Danish giant toys.

Star Wars Knock is called "Star Plan", while the groups released in conjunction with the new "LEGO Movie 2" have also been copied and sold under the name "Brick Lepin 2".

Counterfeit goods can be a safety concern for consumers, said Luo of China to vice president of Asia-Pacific Robin Smith, Xinhua News Agency reported official.

Foreign companies have long complained about the enforcement of negligent intellectual property in China where fake is rampant.

In an attempt to end its trade war with Washington, Beijing pledged to stick to violations of intellectual property rights.

The knockoffs are popular in market-conscious price: Small town Lepin themes set retail for $ 3 per box, while Lego groups similar to start at $ 15.

An AFP probe showed that imitation groups were still available on the Taobao e-commerce platform on Saturday afternoon.

The Danish toy giant in February opened its first flagship store in Beijing, where copies of the forbidden city are displayed in plastic bricks, and it has two other stores in Shanghai.

LEGO has in recent years seen renewed popularity thanks to editions of premium collectors and film tie-up.

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