Wednesday , March 3 2021

Cricket SA is filing a formal dispute with the ICC over the cancellation of a tour of Australia

Protas celebrates a test gate

Protas celebrates a test gate

  • Cricket South Africa has filed a formal dispute with the International Cricket Council over a tour of Australia.
  • Australia was scheduled to tour South Africa, but revoked its consent to a trip citing Covid’s 19 concerns.
  • The canceled trip has huge financial implications for CSA.

South Africa Cricket (CSA) Tense relationship with Cricket Australia (California) With respect to the canceled test tour should be further examined after the CSA filed a dispute with International Cricket Council (ICC) Conflict Resolution Council on Tuesday.

Australia announced earlier this month that the tour of their three tests in South Africa, which is expected to begin in late February, will not take place due to concerns surrounding the safety of the coronary virus.

The CSA has been frustrated by the decision ever since and has written to the CA and ICC to voice this frustration, but on Tuesday it became clear that the matter has now been referred to the ICC in the form of a formal request to intervene.

In a letter addressed to the ICC CEO, Mano Sohani Sports 24 See, Acting CSA Executive Director Poltzky Musky asked the game’s governing body to ascertain the validity of Australia’s reasons for canceling the tour.

“Based on our correspondence with CA and recent media reports, it is also clear that the respective parties do not agree as to whether the cancellation amounts to ‘acceptable non-compliance,'” Musky wrote.

This move comes after the CSA first approached the ICC on February 4 to examine whether the cancellation of the CA tour that was scheduled to take place next month was reasonable, in good faith and whether the action (cancellation of the tour) constituted “acceptable non-compliance” or “non-compliance Acceptable “in terms of the 2019-2021 World Championship in Tests”.

Now, the CSA is pushing the ICC to follow the rules (competition conditions) that apply to the World Testing Championships (WTC), of which this series was supposed to be a part.

Moseki, in his latest letter to the ICC, refers to the following WTC clause:

“In the event that an alert is made in accordance with Section 7.1 and the relevant parties can not reschedule the tour, series or game (s) in question within the competition window, and subsequently they can not agree whether the failure to comply with the tour, series or game is acceptable. Thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the notice by ICC pursuant to Section 7.1 above, then ICC shall request a security report in accordance with the process set forth in Appendix 4.

The letter adds that if the ICC believes that the decision may be ‘unacceptable’, it must:

Immediately appoint an independent security adviser from the ICC list (or more such adviser if the issues raised require reports from advisers with expertise in various fields) to examine and investigate the issues specified by the relevant party with respect to suitability or arrangement.

2. The Consultant (s) appointed in accordance with Article 3 shall conduct a full and thorough investigation (including consultation with the security authorities of the host country and consideration of any security advice received by an auditor from his or her government agencies). Security Report “).

3. Unless otherwise agreed by the ICC, the security report will be submitted to the ICC within five (5) days from the date of the appointment of the consultant (s).

The incumbent president of the CSA, Rihan Richards, confirmed that the organization had written to the ICC asking for clarity on what might happen to the CA regarding the canceled tour.

“For certain specific reasons, games are allowed to be canceled and there are regulations around it and Cubid 19 is one of them. It also means you have to provide the basis for what you are canceling,” he said.

“It will have a financial impact on us, but we can recover if we have another tour that may be mandatory regardless of the outcome of it as long as it is in our four-year cycle.

“The perception that has been created is that SA cannot do the homework of Covid-19 and we cannot create a biologically secure environment. It has a huge impact on extensions, and it can affect everything in your buildings.

“We were very disappointed with the action.”

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