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Duo's "racist" Instagram Tag & MAG videos slammed


Taj and Maj.
Photo: Instagram
Durban – Two women business KwaZulu-Natal have under fire for their "racist" videos on Instagram, rummaging in fun and how the Indians in South Africa talk.

When their intentions were investigated by a number of followers, the women, Mandy Gray and Tanya Stanis, took the offensive videos out of their Tag & amp;

In the videos, the women wear fake mustaches and talk about what happens in their everyday lives with a typical Indian accent.

South Africa Desi on Instagram revealed the Taj account and Maj for their videos.

The page manager wrote that it was "the most blatant imitation of the Indian community in Durban.

"The characters you created – Tag and Maggie – were specially designed to speak in a stereotypical Indian accent of Durban, with slang that is strange to the Diaspora.

"This offense is known as" black voice "- when a white person intentionally mimics the accent of any community that was once a victim of racism: Yes – that includes South Indian people in India," the statement said.

"I was shocked that Taj and Maj have a whole account devoted desperately to their (inexact) mockery of the Indians

"I want to believe that two strange business women living in the heart of the KZN, could not create these characters to be blatantly fake," the message further read.

In response to Desie South Africa, "Taj" and "Maj" said they read the message to Dessie and "took it to heart".

"We like Darban girls have a bunch of Indian friends and never intended to cause offense to anyone or race for that matter." We love everything about Indian people, "they said.

They recognize that the videos were offensive and apologized for their actions.


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