Thursday , March 4 2021

Eskom has suspended the load reduction from 23:00

Eskom's production capability has improved and allows it to suspend charging overnight, but it has warned that the system remains "Vulnerable and unpredictable".  Photo: Getty Images

Ascom’s production capacity has improved and allows it to suspend the charging load overnight, but has warned that the system remains “vulnerable and unpredictable”. Photo: Getty Images

Ascom states that it will delay the load shedding starting at 11pm on Monday, thanks to the return of additional generators to service.

The IEC implemented load shedding from Thursday, and although this was only supposed to last until Sunday night, Eskom extended the blackout on Monday as some of the units that were supposed to return to service on Sunday were delayed.

On Monday evening, Eskom said that over the past 24 hours its crews had returned two generation units in Kosil and Kriel, and one at the Totoka power plant, to service. Two more generation units were expected to return to service on Tuesday. The IEC added that its emergency production reserves have also recovered properly.

“Eskom would like to thank the people of South Africa for their patience and understanding during the dumping,” the company said in a statement.

However, she warned that while the supply situation has improved, people must continue to use electricity sparingly as the system remains “vulnerable and unpredictable”.

“As Eskom has regularly stated, the risk of load shedding remains increased while we maintain increased reliability maintenance,” the IEC added.

Mascom was reported to have 4,920 megawatts of production capacity for scheduled maintenance on Monday evening, while an additional 13,897 megawatts were unavailable due to unplanned maintenance, malfunctions and delays in breaks.

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