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Exclusive: Tom Moyne wanted to crash the ANC, say the party's vets


A group of veterans of the ANC, including former deputy foreign minister Aziz Fahed, wrote a sarcastic rebuke against former missionary boss Tom Moyne, accusing him of trying to destroy the ANC.

In a document entitled "Counter Revolution, Perception of State and Corruption in South Africa," Fahd and his co-authors Mongane Wally Serote, Snuki Zikalala, Thami Nteneni and Fazel Randera say that ANC was wrong to think of an attack against a revolution against the party's progress coming out of its ranks.

Instead, "spreading the enemies of the ANC and what it represents" has brought the country to an abyss.

Despite the damaging claims of the Zondo State Concept, the ANC won its sixth electoral victory last week by winning 57.5 percent of the national vote – the lowest majority in the party's history.

The Fahd document, a copy of which was received by News 24, quotes extensively from the findings of the NOC Commission on Moyne's destructive regime in the South African Income Service (SARS).

"The goal of all this was to weaken and destroy the ability of the SARS to collect revenues without which the democratic government and government can not exist and not function, and the goal of all this was the defeat of the democratic revolution of our people that led in 1994," the document said.

Moyne was appointed head of SARS by former president Jacob Zuma in 2014 after a comprehensive briefing by the consulting firm Bain & Co. on a new strategy for shelter since October 2013. After his appointment, Moyne called with Bain to rebuild the structure and strategy Of SARS.

The authors ask themselves why Moyane was dazzling at SARS, quoting Nugent that "even the responsible leader of a large and complex organization was acting like Mr. Moyane did, with a lasting impact on the current SARS situation."

The authors warn President Cyril Ramapause and the ANC that the forces within the party are plotting to defeat the "democratic revolution".

These include the "enemies of the revolution," who are in charge of the ANC in state institutions and the "circle of helpless people," distributed by the ANC, which "make the entire revolutionary revolution or unintentionally part of the counter-revolution without their fault."

The authors argue that ANC's policies were thwarted by "the enemies of the ANC and what it represents."

The ruling party "is tainted by its ideological content and can be persuaded by all and sundry."

The authors argue that the ANC was wrong to think that the defeat of apartheid is the end of the "apartheid forces" and that an "attack against the revolution" against democracy will come out of its ranks.

"Taking into account all this, it is clear that the country is in a general political, economic and social crisis that has intensified in the last 9-10 years. This crisis was established because our government was perceived by the forces opposed to the counterrevolution," they write.

The document quotes from a book by the author Nadia Mungzi They were part of us and we were part of them: ANC in Mozambique from 1976 to 1990, Detailing Moyne's age in exile in that country.

After being involved in the politics of North University students, Moyne and his parents decided that he should travel to Mozambique in 1976, disguised as a polished Mozambican mine worker with large clothes and untidy hair.

He flew from Jan Smuts airport (now the Tambo International Airport) on a FAP plane with his university papers in a battered suitcase, Mungzi wrote. Moyne told the writer that he met Zuma in 1976 in Mozambique.

"When President Jacob Zuma appointed Tom Moyne as the SARS Commissioner in 2014, it was supposed to tie a 38-year relationship between these two gentlemen."

News 24 Send questions to Moyne through his lawyer Eric Mboa. Ex-tax boss still did not comment.

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