Tuesday , July 27 2021

Fundraising Campaign for Popular Goborg Doctor Cindy Van Zill at Cubid Hospital 19

The husband of the doctor and popular DJ in Johannesburg, Dr. Cindisway Van Zill, who is on the soul machine with Cubid 19, has submitted an enthusiastic request for donations for a fundraising campaign to help raise medical bills.

Van Zill, who has amassed a large Twitter following medical and non-medical advice, was hospitalized in February with breathing problems after contracting the virus a month earlier.

Her husband Marinos Van Zill said on the Quick Fundraising Platform: “Doctor Cindy Van Zill, who you may know as a life-giving friend, an inspirational doctor or a DJ, is my wife.

“She was diagnosed with Cubid 19 at the beginning of the year and was admitted to the hospital in February due to difficulty breathing.

“Six weeks later she is still in hospital. The cost to the hospital family alone has already exceeded R1 million and we are running out of funds.”

Van Zille said his wife had not yet been able to breathe on her own, and “the cost of having to be on the ventilator alone is about R150,000 a week.

“She has suffered from some complications associated with a prolonged stay in intensive care, and we need more money to pay for the continuation of her stay in the hospital until her lungs can cope without a soul.

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