Thursday , May 13 2021

Galaxy around the most popular black hole

Not long ago we got the first picture of a black hole and the picture became famous immediately. However, not many people know about the 87 remover (M87), the galaxy in which the black hole is found. On April 10, the Horizon Ofek telescope was exposed to the first picture of Ofek the Black Hole.

We can also look at the M87 galaxy in infrared light. The M87 galaxy is located 55 million light-years from Earth and has been studied for more than 100 years.

The mysterious fund

In 1918, a mysterious beam was seen rising from the center of the galaxy by astronomer Albert Curtis. The beam can be seen at different wavelengths of light. A shock wave is created when the jet particles affect the interstellar medium.

"We think the spin of the black hole that is connected to the magnetic field is the cause of the jet, but we have no proof," said Priel Ozil, of the University of Arizona and an astrophysicist and member of the EHT team. "If we see jet-like images or anything related to it, I think it will increase our confidence that the planes are created very close to the black hole."

The latest EHT image allows us to take a better look at the M87. "So it's a dark area surrounded by a fragment of light, like a crescent moon, one side approaches, one retreating, then the approach is bright," explained astronomer Avi Lev.

Swallowing a galaxy

M87 managed to swallow a galaxy. This was discovered by observations of a very large telescope of ESO. "A medium galaxy has fallen in the center of the M87, and as a result of the massive massive tidal forces, its stars are now spread over 100 times the area of ​​the original galaxy," Ortwin Gerhard, head of the Max Planck Dynamics Group for extraterrestrial physics, explained at the time.

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