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Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Gwanda wrote

The government reported five areas of the country, called the Special Economic Areas (SEZ), which are expected to be identified soon as part of a move to promote industrialization and increase the country's economy.

During the recent meeting of Matabeleland South at the Gwanda meeting, the head of Zimbabwe's Zimbabwe Economic University, Mr. Wilfred Motti, said that the territorial city of Matabeleland South, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Sunway City in Hara and Faran Hill in Metara in September.

Masugo of Tugwi Mokusi has also been identified as SEZ.

He added that 106 hectares of land had been gazetted at Beitbridge and urged stakeholders to identify two more districts within the province.

"Special economic zones were published in five areas in September in a move designed to bring economic development in the country.Our goal is to establish SEZs where exports and other related industrial activities will take place and then also attract these SEZs investors," said Mr. Motsi.

"We want to ensure that the country understands the increased flow of foreign currency and domestic investments, employment opportunities, increased investments and exports, SMEs and links and added value.As Zimsa we call for industrialization in the country.

Mr. Motsi said that the purpose of their visit to South Matabeleland was to facilitate the formulation of an action plan.

"We are in South Matabeleland to help formulate and implement an action plan for the Bayeridge SEZ We are currently holding consultation meetings of interest, from which we will formulate a plan of action, conduct a feasibility study and develop a master plan concept, The father is there, we'll bring a document we'll use to attract developers and investors, "he said.

"As Zimseza we are the technical partner while the stakeholders in the province are the Castodians or the owners of the region." Beitbridge is a strategic city that has SEZ as it is a border city.

Mr Motsi said they received inquiries from a number of potential investors interested in investing in the Beitbridge SEZ.

He said the development of the Beitbridge SEB is expected to begin early next year.

Mr. Motsi said that investment opportunities at Beitbridge included construction of an international world class airport, coal, gold and diamond mining, as well as processing, grade production, citrus processing and construction of bonded warehouses among others.

Speaking at the same meeting, Matabeleland South State Minister for State Affairs, Abednico Ncube, urged stakeholders to play an active part in making the SEZs a success.

"This approach requires a multi-stakeholder approach to success, we need to sell our province and its economic opportunities in the best way to attract investors, which will create employment and bring huge development to the province," he said.

"With the concept of power evolution coming into force, we have the responsibility to develop our region.This development is not just for Beitbridge or other counties which will be identified as SEZ but it will spread throughout the province."

Secretary of the Town of Baybridge, Mr. Loud Ramakgapola, said that Baybridge, SEZ was an initiative that would go a long way toward developing the border city.

The SEZs Act was signed in October 2016, when the Zimza Board of Directors was appointed in June 2017. Zimza's vision is for the country to have moderate income in a medium-sized economy by 2030, with the SEZ playing a key role.

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