Tuesday , June 28 2022

GladAfrica: Tshwane City file files complaint against Msimanga


Tshwane Moeketsi city manager Mussolah filed a complaint against Mayor Solly of Simanga as a challenge to the Labor Court on the scandal GladAfrica controversial auction was postponed.

The challenge of the court, before the Labor Court in Johannesburg, was filed by Mussolah against Semanaga, the chairman of Catalgo Metva and the town of Tashvan.

Last month, Moussaouela received an interim ruling to stop the GladAfrica Early Council report by the Bowmans law firm (formerly known as Bowman-Gilfillan).

However, the relief was temporary.

On the day the verdict was handed down, Judge Andre van Niekerk said the grounds for the request would be discussed on November 9.

However, when Tshwane COO James Murphy joined the application as a party, the case had to be postponed.

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Meanwhile, Masula has also filed an official complaint on Mathebe, against Msimanga and the Tshwane District Attorney's Office for "leaking the Premirie Council report on the GladAfrica tender."

"The council's initial report was maliciously leaked to the Sunday Times and the city press by the executive mayor and district attorney because they were the only ones who got it from their lawyers – Boman-Gilfilan," he said.

Apologetically, Masula asked Matav to investigate.

"The leaking of the council report by the executive mayor and the ruling party in Tashvan completely ignores it [for] The law, contempt for court rulings and most importantly, is a serious violation of the code of conduct of council members, "he said.

Masola said that he believes it is logical, just and in the spirit of the rule of law that Mathebe expedite the investigation.

He said he would fight and stand against any act of "licentiousness and / or illegality."

Masola added that, with resentment, he believed that the council would see that there are motives to get rid of it by "hook or crook."

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