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How does Captain America lift the hammer of Thor in Gomel: Endgame?

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Explain why Cap now can hold Mjolnir.

By Joshua Yahel

Warning: This story contains full spoilers for avengers: Endgame! For more information on avengers 4, be sure to read the finished ending detail, if there is after the credit scene and the summary of who lives and who the dead avenge: Endgame.

Captain America was able to make the mighty Mjolnir move only a little revenge: Age of Ultron, but Endgame is able to pick up Thor's hammer and use it to bring the battle and lightning to Thanos. So what has changed that let finally pick up the hammer?

The rule of Mololnir

As we saw in the first film of the Vedrine, Odin enchanted the hammer so that it could only be used by the worthy. In comics, this rule was essentially the same, and a small selection of Marvell characters besides Theodor managed to pick it up in rare cases, including Steve Rogers, who did it twice.

Once there was a time when Steve acted as a captain, and he only picked up the hammer to peel off some villains and bring it back to the grave.


The other time was more like the film we see in the film and happens at the end of the fear event itself. After dropping Thor, Cap raised the hammer high and shouted out his final demonstration, "avenging the avengers!" Before using it to destroy the battlefield.

Captain America-picks-up-mjolnir-fear-himself

In the Allton era, there was a hint of Cap's talent, but something kept him from lifting it.

The dirty little secret

The emerging fan theory that explains all this is based on what we found in the Winter and Civil War. In TWS, Cap learned Zola's presentation presentation that Bucky was the one who killed Tony Stark's parents. Then, when this information came to light at the end of CW, Capet admitted to Tony that he knew but did not tell him. Maintaining such toxic information is what made Cap unworthy of picking up the hammer at Age of Ultron, at least according to the theory. But when Cap belonged to his CW mistake, it restored his moral purity and brought him to pick up Magna and Nir in Endgame.

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