Wednesday , September 28 2022

Huawei's folding phone specifications and drop-get detailed, Samsung's larger screen


* Foldable Huawei phone concept by TechConfigurations, based on patents and patentsHuawei may try one up Samsung in folding phone wars with a design that includes a larger screen, 8 "when the handset is retired, as opposed to the rumor 7.3 inches provided by the world's largest phone manufacturer.

Why Korea first? Well, Huawei plans to launch its first foldable phone as a capable 5G device, and only Korea will have a wide 5G network and operation in the first half of 2019, when Huawei is said to release its Gumby device. It is likely that the company will announce the instrument at MWC in March, then push it in April-June after a thorough review of the 5G network.

Mother is still a word on pricing, but the screen size are to be 5 "for the external display when the phone is in folded mode and 8" when the internal display is opened. These larger diagonals of Samsung listed 4.6 "and 7.3" respectively, which is why, children, it is important to have competition.

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