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Is cleaning a gurus sweeps an epidemic under the rug? | Life and style

GAnother morning, how are you, the world is over. Testimonies: Within three days, "cleanfluencer" Mrs. Heinz sold more than 160,000 copies of her first book, revealing "How a spot of cleaning is the perfect way to purify the soul."

Working backwards, obviously the end did not start with the bang, but with a cake. These were more delicate, flexible, and dreary days, when, without anyone noticing them, fairy cakes had finished the party parties for children for the delights of women. They looked the same – a soft, bodyless doughy bouquet, painted blue and sprinkled with sugar beads – but basically, cakes were a completely different proposition. They were naughty but mischievous, nodding in the camp to his childhood from the high chair of the Supreme Savior. They were funnyly feminine, like little drag queens.

They were expensive and sweet-they had passed the water three miles before and moved on, over a cremalike cliff. To bite into one was already surrendered to three long minutes of "I can not" and "I really do not have to," after reaching "I, a professional lady who navigated the world of work and love and came out, lame but alive, comes such a thing."

But crucially, the success of the expensive cupcake prepared the glamor of baking, and then (in response, perhaps, to more men who stayed at home for their partners to concentrate on a housewife's career). Into this ancient work, a wolf crawled in Grandmother's nightgown, exposing her teeth again in a clean way.

Marie Kondo's Netflix series has led to charity stores crammed with jeans without joy, but it's on Instagram that bleach preachers really clean up. Along with stories of running achievements and pubs and the first steps of babies, a woman will happily present the cloth and powder on her behalf before cleaning her window sills.

Advertisements for dinner plate organizers and handheld hoovers appear after a tip to replace the other fine picture frames after cleaning, because then it feels like you have a whole new window. It is Mrs. Heinz's charisma that you can lose all afternoon in her storage videos. Her crocodile splits herself with bottles of Detol and pictures of their living rooms, shaped on the gray house of Sophie Sophie, the sweet stink of Zoplora vibrating through the photographs. Thousands stood in line with her books – many cried when they reached the front of the line.

Leif's origin story is familiar – a woman with anxiety disorder who has found a way to silence her with repetitive tasks. And while I do not doubt anxiety or use cleaning as a treatment, when I read about it I can not help hearing the rhythm of apocalyptic drums again. Recent books on running or swimming out of anxiety are inspiring and beautiful enough to create a new genre, self-help re-branding with young women sad at the top. This is a pattern that Ms. Heinz's agents enjoyed, marketing another return from ill mental health through an exhausting and captive hobby. But, while there is nothing wrong with promoting a method of dealing with anxiety, I hope that these attempts will not cloud the more urgent issue, namely, why is there such an epidemic in the first place? Often, when talking about mental health, it feels as if the influencers have received the work of doctors or politicians, doing their best to stop the bleeding of a choppy arm with a variety of unicorn plaster. Swipe up to buy.

And called me a cynic, calling me bored, calling me, shivering, feminist, but after riding on the backs of our mothers when they came out of the house madness, the life restricted by the four kitchen walls, the idea of ​​lifting the house cleaning to something close to the divinity to leave a sour smell? Feminism and housewives are not separate, but real equality will never happen if we are not equal at home. Cleaning is a skill everyone needs to learn, along with how to cook meal and wire labels – things that have also been sharply described as "grown up". But focusing on it as a medicine for healing health is to divert dark shrubs, especially when Ms. Heinz's fans are women only, looking for release from panic, or meaning in the mothers' lives, or whole in the form of a shiny sink – or anything listed above.

Cleaning is an endless task that can never be completed. Housewife in 2019 requires her women to focus only on the place in front of them, ignoring the world to be repainted outside. But it is not possible to distract yourself with one stain forever. Mrs. Hinz. Finds more and more obscure places in the dust-today I saw her spraying the bottom of an open window-tomorrow the drop pillows would fall, and plates would be washed away. A sign will appear on the wallpaper, and spread very slowly. Dust will swarm in spring spring and settle quietly on the shutters. A chair will pass. In hair, hair is knoting.

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