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Jameson and Waltwagen screwed up in April – and Jameson was glad it drove people crazy

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  • Volkswagen carmaker and whiskey maker Jameson both issued false statements in March that later said they were April Fool’s attempts.
  • After a price drop per share and widespread anger, Volkswagen apologized for stretching its name change to “Voltwagen”.
  • Those behind Jameson’s South Africa’s ‘skin care range’ in South Africa celebrated the lunatic on Thursday by publishing false information almost a week before April 1st.
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German carmaker Volkswagen apologized this week for a set of false statements surrounding the name change to “Voltwagen”, saying it was an attempt at an April Fool’s joke.

But the Jameson whiskey brand in South Africa celebrated a similar event instead, with those behind it celebrating crazy people – by spreading untruths almost a week before April 1st.

On March 29, Volkswagen announced in the United States a name change to reflect the ambitions of its electric cars, after complaining for some time that it did not receive the same attention as the popular car company Tesla. Publications and the public almost accepted the announcement at face value – and many people poured new investment money into the company which led to tremendous changes in its value.

It is not yet clear whether Volkswagen will deal with the regulators’ actions in order to mislead investors. Companies often join in on the stupid April Fools’ pranks, but usually limit their jokes to April 1, following the common rule that a prank must start and end on a day in order to be exempt from being a liar.

Where Volkswagen apologized, Jameson celebrated.

On March 26, the alcohol maker announced that it had launched a range of skin treatments called “Beatha”, which it described as “made with Jameson whiskey, barley grains (which has many amazing benefits for skin and hair) of the highest quality and quality skin components”. .

The announcement was received at a nominal value by a radio program, men’s magazine, women’s magazine, business advertising – and Business Insider South Africa.

Jameson promised to answer questions about his plans, but instead announced on Thursday that the statement was false, and part of the launch of a comedy show that will begin on April 17.

In a later press release, the company said it had learned lessons during the epidemic of Covid 19 – a time when misinformation was much debated.

“Consumers are demanding that brands be much more authentic in their communications and products, which we think is what we listened to and started incorporating into our marketing efforts across the board,” the company quoted Beatrice Marflit, Jameson’s marking director. Irish whiskey, says without apparent irony.

Jameson and her agency RAPT Creative did not answer questions from Business Insider South Africa. Instead she issued a brief statement saying she “welcomes the diverse responses we have received to the April Fool’s Day announcement.”

“We are confident that this campaign has followed all the necessary channels to ensure safety and compliance in order to fulfill its mandate,” it read.

On social media, those involved in the campaign celebrated that he “emphasized” South Africa, and made people “so angry”.

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