Tuesday , May 17 2022

Klop is coping with Liverpool's dilemma


The manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp should understand only who he will be playing in his midfield game Fulham. Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth & AP Photo

As Jurgen Klopp tries to keep Liverpool's challenge for Premier Premier title, the need to sort out his relationship becomes an increasingly urgent problem.

A home match against the Fulham bottom club on Sunday could only offer the opportunity to start putting it right by giving both Keith and Fabinho a crucial time to build momentum and confidence.

The two players were signed at a big expense during the summer in order to strengthen Liverpool's link options.

Keita was seen as a substitute for the attack pile of Philippe Cotigno, while Fabiniu was considered a player to prove a defensive shield after Omri's departure.

Yet failed to establish themselves in a strong presence in England, with red boss Klopp relying mainly on the players used last season.

Klopp suggested that both signatures need time to settle in a new country, with the international Keita Guinea arriving from the German club RB Leipzig, and Fabinho Brazilian joins French Ligue 1 side Monaco.

Although it can be understood that no player will hit the ground, their need to find a form has become more urgent, given the lack of a creative spark in the plane of Liverpool.

If the three fronts of Mohammed Salah, Roberto Piramino and Sadio Mana failed to reach the heights of last season, so for the field, where Alex Alexandron injured badly.

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson saw the difference for himself.

"Last season everyone was used to scoring four or five goals, it could not be possible in every game," Robertson said.

"Maybe we're missing some spark in terms of not winning 4-0 or 5-0 in most games, but if the manager thinks that then we should try to get it back.

"We have to come together as a team and try to give what the gaffer wants, try to get the spark and try to win games more comfortably."

Liverpool, currently third in the Premier League, was not as threatening to force as they were last season on the way to the final of the Champions.

The pitch seemed particularly vulnerable in their last two games, 1-1 in the Premier League League in Arsenal last Saturday, and amazingly humility 2-0 in the Champions League group to win the title of Red Belgrade on Tuesday.

Neither Keita nor Pavino played in Serbia, while their second big signing in the summer, Shardan Shakiri, remained in England, amid concerns about the reception he would receive from supporters of the house because of his Kosovar heritage.

The three-page link on Tuesday was unable to distinguish itself, with a knee injury injured and Jordan Henderson clearly missed.

James Milner's mistake led the ball to the second goal when George Wainaldum shrugged aside. Adam Lalana, who made a rare beginning, was anonymous.

Fabinho was a substitute not used in Belgrade, having struggled against Arsenal, and is clearly not up to speed with the English game yet.

Keita started well in England, then suffered injury problems, as he suffered a spasm back during the defeat of the Champions League of October by Naples, a hamstring problem game for Guinea.

Klop had shuffled around his pitch this season, but he did not seem to want to repeat the experiment he had won in the Premier League on Southampton, when Shakiri was used as an advanced player.

Switzerland's international competition was replaced by half an hour that day because Klop felt the match was too open.

His best hope for the usual time game now seems to be a part of three attackers, that is, the dismantling of Salah, Pyramino, or Manet.

Fabinho still has a job to do to earn his starting point too. Keita, though, will undoubtedly be fixed once he gets the fastest meeting and with Fulham struggling could be the ideal place to start.

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