Thursday , May 13 2021

Machsaval opposes Rambusa's orders and talks about the claims in Gorno's book

UN Secretary-General Ace Rachoula condemned President Cyril Ramapuza's orders on Saturday for defending unreservedly the allegations against him at a rally of the Chinese Communist Party.

This follows the provision of a remorse for the former prime minister of the free state allegedly to cease using ANC to protect himself from the allegations of corruption contained in the book Gangster State: Formes Ace's writing grid from Magshool.

During the celebration of the party's day of freedom in the backyard of Paris in the Free State, he used his approach with some NK leaders. In the platform to refute the allegations against him in the book. Referring to Ankh's supporters, she encouraged the party's supporters to buy journalist Peter-Luis Miboro, who said he was clearly presenting a lie against him.

Magashule went on to label the Myburgh as a racist product of the apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd.

Referring to a journalist, Goshol told those who participated in the demonstration that he was "only a young child."

"A 27-year-old white boy who was not there during our struggle against apartheid writes a book of lies. I want you to read this book, do not buy it, get it online."

With its support, MKMVA leader Karl Nihaus told the participants State of the gangsters Was a "stupid" book.

Magashule then said ANC has no "little boss", but the leadership was worth.

He defended his argument, telling supporters of Ankh that the party stood together as a collective and defended like Gued Menashe, Numola Mocunian, Battabile Delamini and Giuseppe Gugava among other leaders.

"I see some people are afraid to defend ANC's leadership," Magashule said before singing a famous struggle song. This is in stark contrast to Rampheus's instructions during the NEC meeting in April, in which he warned against using his office and party to fight personal battles.

The party went on the defensive shortly after the book was released, claiming it was a lie.

Magashule then told the media he consulted his legal team for further action against the author. This led to the strange cancellation of the initial statement with the party distancing itself from the press release of the Secretary General.

Jill went even further during the rally and launched a bad attack on Ramapaha. He accused the state of using its organs to take advantage of his and his phone's deputy Cui Duarte says that the country's resources were being used for political struggles.

Then he said that this move is intensifying, with the intensification of the buildup.

During the blitz from his home to the door in the area, the ANC supporters were carrying large posters with the faces of Regula, Delamini and Moconiana who called "hands over our ministers", "hands out of our secretary general."

He showed loyalty to the former president, Jacob Zuma, who said that Zuma was the president of the ANC, "when we were not there when we were cowards, to take weapons," he praises him.

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