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Octane Legends: Octane: Adrenalin of Ricky


the last one Legends Octane Patch, the first game post-release figure since Apex Burst into the Royal Battle scene in February. The fans soon fell in love with the legend, but there is more to this adrenaline junkie than you can expect.

Octane, whose real name is Octavio Silva, comes from a pessimistic world. Although Respawn has not confirmed the ethnicity of the character, the surname "Silva" is usually Brazilian or Portuguese descent. His ethnicity is still rather vague, however, like some vocal lines of octane in Spanish, and has a tattoo that says "Ultra Plus," a Latin phrase that is the national motto of Spain and translates "Beyond Transition".

As a bored heir to the CEOs of Silva Pharmaceuticals, adrenaline Junkie lost his legs by using a grenade in an attempt to set a record for a nearby Gauntlet course.He turned to his friend Agi, who is best known for her code name Lifeline, He persuaded the combat medic to provide him with a new set of legs – a bionic pair for repair and repair that would allow him to run faster than ever before.

Satisfied with a new set of organs, Octane eventually finally quelled his need for adrenaline by entering into Apex Games at the age of 24.

Even though Legends The entrepreneur has not directly confirmed the inspiration behind the legend, the story of Octane closely after it's Titanpool 2 Speedrunner who plays under the name of Mayo Cash. Cash Mayo locked the peak record speed of 12 seconds flat using grenades to launch itself through the course.

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Octane 's abilities Legends Close-up of his adrenaline-addicted personality. he uses
His bony legs like speed for his tactical ability at his ultimate time
Ability drops to launch pads to send players flying.

Fans of the game can try the new Legends The character for themselves by
Purchase of octane 750 Apex Coins or
12,000 fairy tales.

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