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Polio drive to start in 12 counties from tomorrow


Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are still covered by the disease that affects

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More than seven million children will be vaccinated during the anti-polio drive, which will begin in 12 sensitive districts on Monday (tomorrow).

This was stated during a meeting on Saturday which was headed by Minister of Health Feng Jasmine Dr Yasmin Rashid to finalize the preparations for the trip.Moreover, it became clear that more than 18,000 teams of the Department of Health will participate in the door-to-door campaign.

The sensitive districts include Lahore, Sheikha and Fura, Bhawalpur, Dera, Khan, Molten, Muzaffarger, Rajpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Laia, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Atok.

"It was a matter of great concern for all stakeholders when the environmental samples of Lahore, Dre Ghazi Khan and Rawalpindi tested positively for the polio virus." We decided to speed up the polio eradication in selected areas, "the minister said.

She urged parents to vaccinate their children during the five-day campaign. "There is a need for multiple doses so that a child will be truly safe from polio, and parents who do not care about their children being immunized endanger the lives of all their children," Rashid stressed.

No cases of polio were reported in 2016. However, in 2017, a four-month-old boy from Lodran tested positive polio. Currently, Punjab remains a free polio because of elimination drives that often occur in the province. In the world, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are three countries still affected by the disease.

Feng Master Health Director Dr. Munir Ahmed stressed the need for all children to be immunized during each campaign. "As long as the virus is discovered from every part of the country, there is no safe child," he said.

He stressed the need to report proposals and complaints. Ahmed reiterated his determination to stop the transmission of the virus this season, and assured citizens that the polio vaccine is safe, effective and approved by the regulatory authority of the drug.

The Deputy Commissioner, Modesar Reyes, inaugurated three days of work against polio by giving drops to a child in the Sheriff's Hospital on Saturday.

The drive will officially begin from November 12 (tomorrow). During the campaign, 0.4 million children in the 66 Council of the union will be inoculated, he said. More than 1,100 health department teams will administer drops to children under the age of five during the door-to-door journey, the Deputy Commissioner said.

The strict strategy will be taken against those parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. He stated that drugs are given without discrimination in all public hospitals, adding that there is no shortage of drugs.

He discovered that door to door service of senior consultants is also started during the evening in hospitals. Health Director Dr. Manouar Hassan reviewed the Deputy Commissioner.

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