Monday , October 25 2021

Rand City employees give the fire a further fire until the first one considers their demands


Workers in the West Rand Township argue that they will not move until all their demands are met.

On Wednesday, the workers went to the parade and handed over a memorandum to Gutenberg Premier's office, David McCarthy, calling on him to handle their complaints.

According to the spokesman of the Southern Workers' Union of South Africa, Bongani Magna, Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi, who is distinguished at the time when Mura believes he is out of the country, received the memorandum.

"MEC Lesufi accepted our memorandum and undertook that within seven days he would respond to all of our requirements," Mgcina said.

However, Magsina was determined that they would continue with their closure until all their demands, including third-party funds (such as medical aid, contributions, and contributions) were paid to them.

"While the acting prime minister (Lesufi) is considering answers to our memorandum, we will not be processing our services," said Mgcina.

Building safety concerns

Mgcina said their memorandum also called on the municipality to be placed under administration under Article 139 of the Constitution.

He added that Sophie also told them that there is a criminal report that will allow the government to put the municipality under management.

"If this Article 139 is to be implemented, at least the current SMT (senior management team) should also release its obligations because it has not met its financial obligations, that's what we're saying," said Magsina.

"We also want the buildings to be safety-compliant because they are not safe. We learned a sad lesson from what happened to the urban officers in Johannesburg. We do not want to repeat this ugly picture," he says.

The municipality is struggling to pay salaries after it landed in financial difficulties following its investment of more than $ 70 million in VBS Mutual Bank.

The workers demand a permanent solution that will continue the municipality. The situation was exacerbated by fears that more than 300 workers will not be paid again this month.

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