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Russell Wilson causes hearts to swell when he described life as a step towards the future of Ciara's future


Russell Wilson He wasted no time welcoming his wife Of Chiara The youngest son into his life even before the couple got married in 2016. The NFL star continued to be proud of the future stepfather Zahir Wilburn and is now explaining how he adopted the four-year role on.

Wilson, who shares a daughter named Princess Sienna Wilson with his wife and singer, discussed his family life with BuzzFeed's morning morning program "AM2DM" Thursday. Where he provided some tips on making a mixed family work.

"I think the best thing is love," begins the star, who first began to see Chiara in 2015. "In terms of advice, I mean, you know you're there for your kids, you know, stuffing them down, putting them in bed, going as many things as you can."

Siena Princess Wilson, Ciara, Future Zahir Wilburn, and NFL actor Russell Wilson participate in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports 2018 on 19 July 2018, in Santa Monica, California. (Photo: John Coffaloff / Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks quarterback then discussed how being a stepmother made him learn what love really is.

"And I think that in the end, you know the thing I learned the most-and I think it's real-the thing I learned the most is being a step and then our little daughter too, [but] Being a student, you really find out how it likes, "he says." It's interesting. It's easy to love someone who is blood and everything else, but when you can love someone like your child and all the rest, that's what he really likes. "

Wilson explained that "the little things of life" made him realize this, like seeing the young future, that his father is a rapper Future, Go for the first time, which Wilson called "a blessing". Another example came when the NFL star witnessed his little league game and stepfather which is his first in the bat house to run.

"Now he's practicing football, all the rest," he says. "So it's just those moments – taking him to school – things like that."

Wilson has documented some time associated with sports bonding he shares with little in the future on his and Ciara's Instagram page, too.

After one game in his victory against the Carolina Panthers in November, QB was a small race with the future Zahir running along the finish zone where the young man managed to beat the pro athlete.

But it was his recent comments on his stepfather adoption that viewers admire him.

"You're amazing and I really admire and love you and Ciara and your beautiful family."

"A real man."


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