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The Cape Town women's group pools silver to build houses


Women from Cape Town from Philippi, Crossroad, Hailice and Strand began to build Stokel for the construction of houses: from left to right: Dora Makkenko, Noltendo Mobi, Magotso Malgas, Luz Nadezhouse, Andiswa Panna, Assembly Caroline Mutu, abandoned Platty and Lizzy Squibbo . Photo: Valeni Ludidi.

Cape Town – A group of Cape Town women from Philipi, Crossroads, Khayelitsha and Strand began stokvel with a difference.

They call themselves Masakhe Ladies (let's build each other) and they pool their money to build houses.

As of January, Stokel currently has 12 members, each contributing R2 450 per month.

They then buy materials, rotating among members one at a time. The members decide among themselves that they make a one-time monthly payment. The founders met through Stokel's food.

"We can not keep stokvel for food when we know that the most important thing is a roof over our heads," says Ntombekhaya Plati.

"We get a quote and go to a hardware store to buy material or save money to buy a house or a plot," she says.

"I'm sick of staying in a shack when it rains, I want to sleep quietly when it rains," says Dora Manko.

"I've been doing Stokel for food for over 15 years now and I have nothing to show, but it will have good results because in no time my house will be done."

She got her stuff on Saturday and plans to build a four-room house.

The group members chose overalls of overalls and work shoes to wear for their monthly meeting. Lizzie Sicwebu says, "We do not want to wear high heels."

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