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The Crusaders respond to homophobia charges after a McDonald's CT incident


2019-05-20 08:37

Cape Town – Crusaders Denied that their classmates engaged in homophobic slurs following Saturday's Super Rugby draw against Stormers in Cape Town.

The charges appeared on social media in the early morning hours of Sunday morning, when videos popped up from the side members of McDonald's Long Street.

Another alleged charge is another event at the popular arcade nightclub on Berry Street.

Clanny Received a report on alleged opposition by a member of the public, Rami Plesser, who claims to be part of the group that was attacked by the players at McDonald's.

By e-mail, the man claimed that the members of the Crusader cell photographed him and two of his friends and said that they "looked funny," and when confronted with the cell members, they responded with "homophobic slurs, weak wrists, clearly clear voices."

In response, the Crusaders strongly denied the charges.

"Claims made through social media were a verbal clash between public members and some Crusader players who were out of food after the game against Stormers in Cape Town. The original message claimed players showed homophobic behavior," the franchise said in a statement.

"The three players, the management team and the South African security advisor with them, sharply refute the social reports of what happened, and they are destroyed by the accusation and the effect of homophobic behavior."

The director of the Crusades, Colin Mansfridge, confirmed that there would be a meeting with the crew management upon their return to Canterbury.

"This is an organization that is committed to cooperation and proud of having won the approval of Rainbow, and that is what makes these accusations especially," he says.

"Given the serious nature of these accusations, I am meeting with the management of the team and the players on their return to Christchurch, but I am confident in the account we received from the team and from the security advisor who was present."

It 12 Activity Understanding that the people involved in the event are asking that McDonald's releases their CCTV footage about what happened.

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