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The pop singer Afrikaans admits to sending a naughty picture to a woman other than his wife


<p class = "canvas-atom Text Differentiates Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" Content = "Johannesburg – popular African pop singer Taken to Facebook Admit to sending a photo of him in his underwear to another woman than to his wife. "Johannesburg – A Popular African Pop Singer Taken to Facebook To admit that he was sending a picture of him in his underwear to a woman who was not his wife.

Giuseppe Plessis, commonly known as Gianni, and once a member of the band of Afrikaans, Eden, wrote his late night confession, in Afrikaans, on Friday evening.

"So I made the mistake of this year and sent a picture of myself in my underwear to another woman, I really regret it, I admit that no one gossip about it, I feel like a dog and I hope I can fix it the rest of the time God gave me, Wrote.

Du Plessis is married and has four sons. His wife and sons appear in his cover photo on Facebook.

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Du Plessis' confession has sparked various reactions from his fans, and some say his Facebook account has been hacked, and others have praised him for being honest.

"Until I publish a statement in the media, I do not buy it, I think his Facebook page was hacked or his phone was stolen or something," said Elka Amanis.

Wilma Zweigler wrote that it was a joke.

To this end, Du Plessis replied: "No joke at all, I take responsibility and I will try to do my best to fix it."

The message received over 500 replies and more than 600 replies by Saturday afternoon.

His Facebook pages is liked by some shy of 150 000 people.

Du Plessis won the ATKV Crescendo in 2001 to sing with J & N Nimand, now a popular African gospel artist.

Du Plessis joined Aden before finishing a solo career. He is an award-winning platinum artist who is nominated for the CMA on two occasions.

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An admirer, Elisana Kelly, said that Du Plessis was "a beautiful woman and small children who need you."

"You're sorry about what you did or about the jamming! Do not mess with your life, think about your kids next time," the singer wrote.

He replied: "I am aware of the embarrassment when she heard about it, but I see no other way than to be honest about it and find a possible solution, it was my weakness, my mistake, and my hard work to be my best again."

On Saturday, it was usual for the singer.

He published: "Tonight [Saturday] I'll be in action in Mossburg. Come and join me in Ozdance [harvest dance]. #GoodTimes # ThatsHowWeRoll … "

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