Saturday , October 16 2021

The Sars commissioner will set more than 5 million repayments within the deadline

The deadline for submitting individual tax returns is midnight on 31 October, and the revenue service has confirmed that it has made 5.785 million returns on the deadline.

The Wednesday deadline applies to non-temporary taxpayers and temporary taxpayers who go to a branch.

SA's Revenue Services chief executive, Mark Kingon, said a two percent increase in e-filing was available and paid only EUR 18 million.

The returns are as follows:

• Revenues of 4,229 million for each taxpayer (current year revenue)
• 1 459 million gains on individual taxpayers during this tax period, but related to previous years)
• 42 087 returns by the payers (yields for the current year)
• 53 973 returns are submitted by the payers (tax returns submitted but statements related to previous years)

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What was impressive to me, I would like to see the number of our sectors, and we managed to merge the announcement season because we went through the second November last week, but we passed it until the end of October.

Mark Kingon, commissioned by Sars

We got all the people and our accounts were silent last night.

Mark Kingon, commissioned by Sars

We want to improve it better because we think we want to improve the image of our organization.

Mark Kingon, commissioned by Sars

Listen to the rest of the conversation with Mark Kingon, listen to the following:

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