Friday , March 5 2021

These may be the third generation of Apple AirPods

Apple’s rumored design of the standard AirPods may have popped up in the wild. MacRumors Reports this 52 Audio Shared a picture of what looks like the basic AirPods generation. The buds themselves are rumored to match AirPods Pro-style in-ear design, with removable ear tip options, stem controls and pressure balance for improved comfort. The case, however, may be the clearest hint – it is not as wide as what you get. With AirPods Pro, but it is definitely wider than the higher case than the second generation headphones.

Earlier Bloomberg Link suggested that the third-generation model would not support active noise cancellation like the Pro, but might last longer on a second-generation battery and boast a new wireless chip. 52 Audio Spatial audio claim may cut as well. The Pro series may abandon the stem completely while retaining more advanced features like ANC.

If the rumor is accurate, you can see these new AirPods as early as early March. Whether that happens or not, such an update can be significant. This is actually effective for AirPods buyers some of the biggest benefits of the Pro at a lower price, not to mention reviving interest for those who thought the current design was going stale.

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