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Vice-President UDM join Holomisa in Parliament


This confirmed: Vice President of the United Democratic Movement, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, will be sworn in as MP next Wednesday.

Kwankwa initially missed his seat in the National Assembly, as the party won only two seats in last week's election.

President Bantu Holomisa will occupy the first seat and Lenox Gaehler was supposed to take the second. Gahler passed the list of regional candidates to the National Assembly from the Eastern Cape, and according to the formula used to allocate seats, he would take the second seat.

But he resigned from the list on Wednesday, allowing Kwonqua to take his place.

Kwankwa was in second place on the party list, and he would be impressed if the party received more than two seats.

The UDM fell from 1% of votes received in 2014, giving them four seats, to 0.45% this time.

Gahler was the only party representative on the National Council of Regions in the Fifth Parliament.

The legislator informed UN Secretary-General Bongani of Sumy that last Thursday, Kwankwa's proposal as a member of the National Assembly was approved to fill the seat vacated by the unavailability of Gahler.

"I confirm receipt of your letter dated 15 May 16 and 16 applications for the addition of the depleted area of ​​the UDM [Eastern Cape] List of candidates for the filling of vacancies in the National Assembly, "written in a letter signed by the Secretary of the National Assembly, Masibulele Xaso.

Sasso informed the UDM that Kwankwa will become a member of the National Assembly starting May 16, 2019 and will be sworn in as a new member next week.

Kwankwa told TimesLIVE that he was willing to pursue a career elsewhere, but his UDM colleagues willingly pushed him back to Parliament.

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