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7 Healthy Brain Columns: It's in your hand!

Published on 04/27/2019 7:59:48salvo


According to the World Health Organization, "one in every 4-5 people in the world is affected by brain disease throughout their lives, and they are the biggest cause of disability." The fact is we all want to be happy and it's important to be healthy. To achieve this, the most important thing is to have a healthy mind Yes, it is in our hands.

If you want to be healthy your first goal must be your brain health. Therefore, we do not have to wait for our brain to heal to have a healthy body. You should expect it, avoid it, because "a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body," according to Alvaro Pascual Leone, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA), in an interview with Infoslus

Thus, on the occasion of the publication of his book The Brain Healing, (Current platform), who is a co-author of Alberto Fernandez Ibanez, founder of Sharpe-Brains and David Burtres-Paz, a doctor of psychology, celebrates that the loss of brain health, cognitive ability, and the risk of brain disease are not inevitable.

He is also the director of the Berenson-Allen Center for the Study of Brain Stimulation, and the Behavioral Neurology Unit at Beit Israel Medical Center notes that a healthy brain is not just a brain that has no disease. "It A mind that works optimally for the age and circumstances of man. That is, the brain is with a function appropriate to human age and human performance requirements, "he clarifies.

To do this, he says that it is not only important to assess how the brain's performance but also how the brain performs and how it does it so we can do so. "It's like with cars, which can for example speed up from 0 to 100 but, burn the engine in how long they can accelerate from 0 to 100 by burning the engine?" Warns the scientist.

It also emphasizes that the healthy brain is also plastic, that is, it Maintains the ability to change according to the needs and challenges presented to the person throughout life. This is the so-called "neuroplasticity of the brain", or a material property of the brain that causes it to change during life in response to the entire experience, influence, thought, feeling, insult or injury, for example.

The fact that a healthy brain, according to Pasquale-Leone, also retains what we call "Cognitive reserve", Because the brain is able to release resources to overcome the challenges that preceded it, such as diseases. It is processed throughout life while maintaining the active brain.

At this point, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School emphasizes that it is our power to keep the brain healthy but it also considers it our responsibility. "Our lifestyle, exercise, how we sleep, what we eat, the cognitive challenges we introduce are things that we can control and change, and have a direct effect on brain health, on their cognitive reserve or plasticity"


Pascual-Leone protects the brain from changing during our lives and with these changes, if its function is correct, we achieve some other abilities and losses, we develop, and we can enjoy it and provide valuable things to our loved ones. The whole company.

As he emphasizes, the evidence points to this The more we keep our brains throughout our lives, the more we can help us combat the risks that may come with older age, Not only diseases, but also stressful events, tragedies or losses.

"Do not wait to be older, it's about prevention, not reducing or compensating for damages, but if you're not paying attention to your brain until now, do not despair, regardless of your age, 7-page optimization The mainstay of brain health will help you have a healthier brain and will protect you from brain diseases, and will give your brain more fighting ability that will promote your overall health, "he adds. To this end, based on scientific evidence, he raises:

1. Learn about our general medical condition. We need a healthy body to have a healthy soul or mind. You need to be checked, go to the doctor regularly, follow their recommendations and pay attention to the conditions and diseases that we have.

2. Eat the right amount of suitable foods.

3. Sleep well enough. Most of us do not sleep enough, sleep is almost more important for the brain and cognitive function than rest and rest.

4. Do exercise regularly.

5. Put new challenges in doing cognitive training regularly. As we get older we do better and better things and our brain tries more. You need to put new challenges, make the brain do things that are not used to it. Learning to cook or travel, for example, can be very powerful and useful in cognitive exercises.

6. Maintain a rich and active network of social connections. Our brain is programmed to establish and tie them to relationships. Our health depends on our health and we need to encourage it.

7. The definition and purpose of our life goals. Our brain has property missing for animals, for a future project. "If a person has a well-defined goal for life, which he pursues in his daily life, for example, because he sleeps a little less or eats worse, the mind forgives him. Do not know why it is essential to promote the health of our brain, "says Pascual-Leone.

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