Monday , October 25 2021

A simple cat bite costs his life while on holiday


A The British tourist died to another Bitten by a cat with rage While on vacation in Morocco, the UK health authorities reported on Monday

No further details were released, but the public was confident there was no greater risk. He said that Health workers And the close connection of the deceased and they proposed the Vaccination When it was necessary

Photo: AFP

I understand that this is a contact with a cat who was behaving abnormally and looking for attention, I believe in Morocco and the UK, but unfortunately he did not get the vaccine until it was too late. I think the cat bit this person a few weeks ago, said Jim Whitworth, a professor of international public health.

Photo: AFP

He said that Symptoms It usually took between two and three months to appear, but could only be realized in one week. "Therefore, immediate haste and vaccines are so important"he said. "In this tragic case, the person did not receive the vaccine in time."

Given the lack of information, he said it was impossible to know whether the delay occurred in Britain or Morocco, but demonstrated the importance of health workers aware of the possibility of the disease.

Photo: AFP

There are no recorded cases of direct transmission from person to person of rabies. The disease does not revolve around wild animals or domestic animals in the UK, although some species of bats can carry a virus similar to rabies.

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