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A year after the murder of Fernando Pastorizo: how he spent his days in prison

Galirza is in a women's prison in Parana, sentenced to life imprisonment. From the very first moment he had to sleep in the cell, Gellerza tried to keep a routine similar to his life in elections. He never gave up his strict diet or academic ambitions, and always sought solace, despite the circumstances. This Saturday marks one year since he killed two bullets in his friend, Fernando Pastorizzo. That day his life changed forever. And since then he has been forced Adjust their existence to a criminal's day.

He never took responsibility for Pastorizo's death. In his final claim he insisted that the gun had been shot by accident. But neither the judges nor the prosecutors believed him. A routine similar to the one he had lost was created in prison. During his first incarceration, in the cell of the Women's Commissar of Gualeguaychú, he retained his courage with clonazepam, exercises and numerology.

Nahir Galarza is already serving her sentence in the women's prison in Parana.

Nahir Galarza is already serving her sentence in the women's prison in Parana.

Where Nahir spent the days in the cell, which was the best at the police station, avoiding all contact with other detainees. He never went into the yard and tried to keep his place clean.

He was then transferred to Prana's criminal unit No. 6. And his routine changed completely. Away from his family, surrounded by strangers and under strict rule to fulfill.

That prison has 88 female prisoners. 60% have a solid conviction and the rest do not. The majority is commonly used internally and distributed in seven pavilions, where in each of them almost everything is common except for the bed. One of these booths was clear. With her, four other women live together, All connected to the police.

Today to this day it is very difficult. He has to get up at six-thirty in the morning to eat breakfast and start the day's work. At about 13 he has lunch with his friends. Then he has One hour a week go out to the patio, exercise, take a breath and relax a little.

Dinner is at nine o'clock at night, when the doors of the pavilion are closed and the prisoners are preparing to sleep. The next day, it all starts again.

Nahir reached the age of 20 and decided to continue his law studies. At the same time, the young woman's defense bet that she is locked in the No. 9 unit of Gualeguaychú, model prison with a farm, 70 acres of dormitories instead of booths, next to her family, as she had during the eight months at the women's police station. In the first stage, he received weekly visits from his mother, father, and brother in a three-by-three cubicle with a small cement table and ventilose. His mother carried him Jars with sponge cake, books and magazines.

Glazer will visit a young man he met in prison.

Glazer will visit a young man he met in prison.

Had already been jailed, decided to give constitutional history and civil law, the last two issues missing to finish the second year of law school. The young woman has a range of two years to be able to confirm these issues. As she said to her prison, Nahir pretends to be a lawyer and then does a doctorate. In October this year they took her to Concepcion Uruguay to appear. But even though he spent the night studying in his cell, Failed on both topics.

Soon he broke the silence. "I was disappointed by many people," he said. In this sense, he claimed in a dialogue that it was published by Anaphobia: "Of all the friends I had, only one remained."

Nahir said that although she never got angry at her friend, because she stopped talking to her, she feels disappointed. Especially two of them, whom he had known since he was twelve years old. However, she stressed that the last time she alone helped her think otherwise. "Everyone decides what to do and who should be a member, so I do not hold a grudge against anyone."

"I became new friends," he said later, but made it clear: "I see it in a different way now, calling a friend or a friend." The young woman also said that she does not take any insult she receives as "something personal." "Before judging, I think this person is completely different from me," he explained.

"We all have to meet at some point," he said. In her case, she stressed that incarceration and the lack of people to talk to helped her get to know herself more. "Everyone should meet in a moment of solitude".

His life in prison is not easy. Recently he staged a fierce battle with one convicted of drug trafficking. It happened one weekend in November, when Glazer listened to music on headphones. He seemed to have heard some comments from the prisoner Grisalda Bourdiera and began a discussion that included death threats that crossed what the opponents had to intervene.

After the bad drink, Nahir's prison life turned upside down when he met Matias Kudna, a 20-year-old man jailed for drug trafficking (he was released in the last few hours). They met when Kudna went to visit her grandmother on her father's side, who was also imprisoned in drug trafficking in the same prison as Nahir. According to the young man's lawyer, Augusto Freier, "they are friends and want to talk."

This week, the judge gave the trip for Kodna to visit Nahir. The visits will be two weeks and now do not include intimate meetings. The lawyer also promised that if his client was acquitted, what would happen eventually, he would keep his intention of visiting Nahir.

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