Monday , January 18 2021

Additional complaints: A new victim appeared and testified against Dart & # 39;

It seems that the name "Juan Darth"Turned the subject of the moment and unfortunately not to emphasize his talent for performing, but to highlight the accusations and statements against him." The first Kahlo Rivero, then Thelma Perradine and many other actresses, were encouraged to suggest situations that would give evidence to the hero of an ugly duckling, sweet love and symbolism.

The world of the play was startled and the consequences continued, as some celebrities were encouraged to remain silent and reveal chilling details. Two of those who spoke were Mayo Martino and Viviana Canoña, both of whom suffered from harassment, recalled what had happened, but did not mention the name of the abuser.

However, the scandal continues and the police journalist, Mauro Seta, Announced through his Twitter account that a new victim exists to condemn Darths. "The new victim who filed a criminal complaint against Juan Darths continued to suffer three acts of sexual abuse by the actor, the victim was 18 years old and was part of the technical staff of the recording," Mauro said.

"The victim is a girl from the technical staff of the recording, the same case, it is sexual abuse with a female attitude," says attorney Rachel Linda Hermida, "is another journalistic remark, and then added another: A new criminal complaint against Juan Darth is ready . " The victim began to tell everything when Kahlo started talking. We worked on it 90 days ago, "he declared.

The legal landscape is complicated and Juan Dart is increasingly involved. Today, she faces a legal compromise with Cle Rivero to avoid an oral trial, and now has to file the complaint of the 26-year-old actress who condemned him for sexual abuse and abuse.

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