Thursday , July 29 2021

After the accusations, Aida Ayala disengages from the policy: "I do not have ghosts to let me in"

Kambimos' national deputy Aida Ayala, Processed for money laundering, negotiations that is inconsistent with the public function and illegal enrichment He will not compete with the internal radicalism of the Keno while the investigation continues.

Ayala had good news this Thursday: The National Criminal Court issued the arrest against him, Which will allow him to confront freely the process for alleged diversion of funds from the municipality of Resistencia, when he served as mayor.

However, the next day the federal judge of the opposition Zunilda Niremperger confirmed that anyway Will take the trial by heart Since the cancellation of the detention that prevents "does not change" its situation.

Kambimos' legislator said she had no "way to intervene" in the criminal proceedings because the city she now held was "in the hands of Kirchner and the district in the hands of the Peronist governors."

On the other hand, he claimed that after the scandal, although he felt "supported and supported by Cambiemos and UCR at the national level," it did not happen with his colleagues at the provincial level.

"Today they are fighting to see if there are interns, do you think I'm going to intern when the UCR has let go of my hand because I'm going to fight to be governor? Everyone wants to be. I have no strength or courage to enter internally"said Radio South America.

Ayala said that the complaint "ruined his life" and "health". "I was mayor for 12 years, I visited all the state comptroller's offices, I gave in to the court every year to the accounts, and I never imagined such a complaint could take place," he concluded.

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