Sunday , June 26 2022

Agreement between the government, businessmen and UTA eliminates collective strike


The authorities of the provincial administration, of the Eco Vehicle Transport Business Bureau (CETACh) and representatives of the Tranviarios Automotor Union (UTA) district branch will hold an afternoon meeting on Monday, where they will sign an agreement by which from the government is laid down The commitment to carry out tariff compensation, which mean short-term injection of funds for dealers that from the agreement will be support to pay the October wages.

Unemployment of

As is well known, in the last two months the public transportation service was stopped in early September and October, when drivers refused to collect sections, which led to the government's commitment to a break. Covers more than 24 hours.

So, at the national level, there were power steps and night tours, lasting more than a week because there was no consensus between the business plan and claiming that it did not have the resources to deal with rising wages before rates are delayed in terms of costs. In this scenario, everything has evolved to the same thing that happens this month, because tomorrow is set the deadline set by the law that governs customary drivers to pay wages, and since there are no banks for the banking day, the definitions moved up to Monday it would not have occurred on strike next Wednesday.

therefore, The agreement to be signed will include compensation that will arise from the difference between the current price of $ 11.50 for interurban buses and $ 10.72 for those riding only by $ 14.72 per ticket, Until the nation's services operate the terminals of each microsecond, since the district decision is set today, while in the case of the groups that revolve only through the Eco of the Capital. In addition, the business sector also noted that donations are expected to pay for the recent increase in wages, which no longer includes national subsidies.

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