Thursday , August 18 2022

Alien: Blackout will be announced in the 2018 game awards


The game prizes are approaching, and it seems that one of the biggest surprises will be to do with a foreign franchise and its iconic Xenomorphs. What do you have to remember this time? See this note!

The concession Alien He has a complicated history in the world of video games with amazing victories and spectacular failures, and every time a new title is announced, the gods throw a coin to see which side it is falling on. The cycle begins again, according to rumors, and the next chapter will be called aliens:. It will be a shooter for consoles and computer, And it will be announced at Game Awards 2018 In December.

Last week, 20th Century Fox Created a registered trademark for a new video game titled aliens:, Which we do not know too much. However, this is aligned with the teaser made by the host and the driver of the Game Awards 2018, Jeff Keighley, In which he included a picture with the words "The world will changeWeyland-Yutani, by the way, is the corporation that wants to use Xenomorphs to make money.

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As for the developer behind aliens:, We still do not know who it is. Rumors indicate that this could be research in the US Cold iron, That subsidiary of Fox call The channel Acquired some time ago is a study established in 2015, and includes members Cryptic Studios (Creators Never and City of Heroes). In a press release in early 2018, Fox noted:We admire Cold Iron's previous work, and everyone at FoxNext is thrilled to work with them to create a world packed and packed with the mystery of the alien universe"It's going to be nice fate? Whatever the case, we will surely find out on December 7.

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