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Alisa Carillo: "We do not hold the president as we should support him"

The head of the civil coalition said that "the establishment wants to become" Macri, but directed against the Allies that "speculation"

CRORDOBA.- Installed in Cordoba until May 4th

Mario Negri


Elisa Cario

Says that "in these difficult times" he speaks "every day" with

Mauricio Macri

And admit that not everything

Let's change

Is the campaign "holding" the president as he should, because there are "powers of
The establishment"Because" they want to turn it around. "During the conversation with LA NACION, he will insist that there is only one candidate and that is Macri.

"How do you live in these days of stress?

– Well there are two climates. One thing is the microclimate of Buenos Aires, which is always terrible during the presidential election days. I have five presidential candidates and I know this anxiety. I know how markets operate, the establishment
, Trying to serve candidates, aged 27 or 90. There is anxiety predicting surveys that do not exist, because 60% do not know to whom they will vote. The first serious survey is a phase. Having a base of 30% is unusual.

– Are you not afraid that the uncertainty will spread and create further problems?

There was a liquidation of bonds at the peso and people moved to the dollar, which makes sense, Monday and Tuesday we will have ups and downs, we have futures markets that expect a very cheap dollar, pay less than a third. Finally, it is only income with animals and some fishing we have in Argentina.

"Did you talk to the president?

– Every day in difficult times, since January, I always with him. I'm the one who gives you peace of mind because I have political experience, a crisis, an experience when they want to make you a candidate. I spent the most difficult years in democratic history. I have a great calm: in Cordoba they provoked scandal, but I had no one to tell me anything, on the contrary. Kamino, I'm still a tourist attraction. Some say, "Lilith, do not mess," but everyone laughs.

Did he say that the leaders of Cambiemos whose hypotheses were "disgusted"?

– I said I was disgusted by the inside and the outsiders when they speculated.

– Do those inside make it?

Yes, inside and out. Speculation is seen as currency speculation and looks well inside. Today we all need to have a campaign. In difficult moments is when people are tested. I tell you that I stayed with ten or twelve people when I was disrupted, and sometimes with three.

"Is not every Kambimos a campaign?" Do you think so?

Yes Yes. I'm sure we do not hold the president as we should support him. When the establishment forces want to make you president, because they want one that ultimately serves the interests of certain economic groups to fix the price, all major … They do not want it to be Macri.

– Is there a "cold" sector to be Maria Eugenia Vidal?

"The fact that they do it on purpose, to divide, let's change is one of the only candidates is Maurizio, the company is very unfair, even part of the company that voted for it.

– Do not admit that there is disappointment? It can not be why?

– Sure, but the struggle is not a disappointment. If every time we go through a crisis, we want to go back to delusions, we will never get to the future. It's like going back to a friend who bored you because you did not get any more.

– Do you tell the company that the economic crisis must be early by other interests?

– Probably. The only thing that countries have really developed, in which we must make alliances, is the institutions. It is above the economic conjunctiva. [Axel] Kicillof and Kirchnerism say that if they do not pay the debt, that is why the bonds are changing, so it's so simple. [Domingo] Cavallo at 89 with [Raúl] Alphonse. I have already lived this story several times.

– For people who are hard to tolerate bulls, inflation …

The exchange in Argentina is purely political and will not stop until the elections. You need to stay calm; You have to go through the storm. The candidate is unique is Mauricio Macri. There is only one candidate, I support the president. We are an unbreakable team who come to support the Nigerians in Cordoba. The founders of Cambimus.

-Pro need to do self-criticism on how he established the link with his Cambiemos partners?

– Sure, but not as much as they speak. You do not need to talk every day either. I talk to the President for five minutes, I go to Los Abrogas and I solve. I'm not going to these long government meetings, because I can put Molotov into half an hour of boredom. We have to do, not talk so much.

Unnamed: Did the resistance grow in Cambiemos? Is there an internal noise?

– More noise than what peronism produces? Pluralism is very important. Did not we want to leave the Stalinist regime? Here everything is discussed. I read about newspapers, I argue about newspapers. Before that, I argue. Is the middle class fed up? Yes, I did.

– Change is the one that Christina puts in the middle of the ring?

I'm not, it's a painting strategy [por Jaime Duran Barba]. I'm making a political strategy. In politics I am a lioness. I do not like hypocrites, shorts, and bonnet.

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