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An Emotional March by Natasha Gottlieb April 28, 2019

His brother Ulysses, his daughter Antonella Oliveira, and the family lawyer, Alejandro Cipola, led the demonstration to demand justice for the tragic death of the driver.

The corner of Triunvirato and Monroe, in the porteño neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, was the meeting point of the march and reclamation by Investigation of Natasha's death.

His brother Ulysses and the daughter of the media, Antonella Oliveira, Led the conversation that featured posters with the legend: "Wessica for Natasha, justice for all, murderous homogeneity." The lawyer of the Jochet family, Alejandro Japola, also participated.

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During the demonstration there was a very emotional moment when Antonella burst into tears when she spoke and remembered her mother.

It should be remembered that Natasha was found dead on February 23 in a banquet hall in the city of Buenos Aires of Benavídez. On March 26, toxicology experts confirmed that a brunette consumed cocaine and alcohol before dying.

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The experts found traces Cocaine in the nostrils, blood, urine, and stomach, While the blood alcohol level identified that he had 0.7 g of alcohol in his blood.

Complaints about sexual abuse of minors

In March 2018, referring to the investigation Sexual abuse Of minors at Club Club Atlante Independiente, a request presented by Fernando Baron, the lower categories of Independenta, held before the prosecution Maria Soledad Garibaldi, referring to the statement of one of the players who contributed four numbers of men's phones paid to minors Sex with adults"I'm not going to commit suicide, I'm not going to spend the mecca I'm drowning in the bath, I'm not going to go to the bathroom, I'm not going to hit, so if that happens, I'm not going to save a Tweet. " On April 7, 2018, Herra asked Gran Ducula to broadcast.

On April 10, 2018, he testified as a witness Avalanda's prosecutor's office In investigating the abuse of minors of an independent, who had seven adults in custody and nine minors victims of this crime.

As mentioned, Gottlieb mentioned these sexual assaults: Some of the five suspects were arrested: public relations, Leonardo Cohen Arazi; Justice Martin Bustus; The youth football tournament organizer Juan Manuel Diaz and Alon; The supermarket workerSilvio Fella and the director of the consortium, Alejandro Carlos Daal Sein, Cohen Arazi and Martin Bustos were released from preventive detention in September 2018, claiming that for the Bar Association there was no abuse, only promotion of prostitution.

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