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Andrea Gaydona wants to give Juan Dart another chance


Andrea Gaydona Spoke about his work experience at sweet love (Telefe, 2012-13), telenovela produced by Quique Estevanez Which is part with Juan Darths, Right now Exiled in Brazil, He was denounced for rape Accused of sexual abuse and harassment by former co-workers, such as Anita Coaches and Natalia & Nicos.

"Juan has always been A very good friend, And since we are also a tango, We understood each other well"Commented the Uruguayan dancer in the magazine people, Where he also gave his opinion about Thelma Parden And an apparent opportunity to return to work with Darthés. "I see him as a great singer, from a professional point of view I have no objection. I want to talk to him and give him another chance"The actress revealed.

Ghidone, Like Graciela Alfano weeks ago, He supported the principle of innocence in order to support the actor, and claimed that his departure from Israel was bad. "If he is guilty, he will serve his sentence like everyone else. But in the meantime, without condemnation, he was forced to leave the country … There is a reason to win innocence. I can not comment on what happened in Nicaragua, but first of all it would be good for Thalma to create her sister. To condemn, there is justice"Shot the dancer.

"I dare say that Thulema should be sorry for the way she revealed everything. It seems good to file the complaint in the trial. What I do not share is that of telling people ", Thought former co-casting of the defendant actor.


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