Thursday , July 29 2021

Angelo de Brito confirmed the jury of Super Dancing 2019. Look who they will be!

Shortly after completing the ShowMatch, all the preparations of the writer Bailando 2019 began, or at least the negotiations with the desired jury members began. It was discovered Angelo de Brito Today, during Los Angeles de la Maniana. Indeed, many wanted her to take that position!

Days ago The journalist He pointed out that Loretta Fernandez and Florence Fania were resigning. "Neither Laurita nor Flor Pena will be next year at Bailando, they felt uncomfortable and did not find their place," he explained. The driver In a dialogue with Agarrate Catalina, for La One Ten. She explained: "Flor had a lot of controversy in her life, but she was not used to the jury, I told her not to curl up or take it personally."

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However, after so many mystery hypotheses, Angel Gave the names of the possible characters to be part of the tournament trial. Of course, he and Marcelo Polino will remain for another year in the same space. For female characters, Lorita Fernandez leaves and enters …Pampita! For the happiness of many, according to The presenter, The model has been in full negotiations to give the yes.

And surprisingly, there will be a new celebrity considering that Peña claims to remain in his position. To close the competition this year, Flor was very happy and excited. "It was a short time, I'm sure I'll do better if I have more time and I thank you, Marcelo, that you have faith that I have something to give here," said the interpreter, without giving importance to the fights and the bad times.

Lorita, on the other hand, declared: "This is a place where I was born and I was able to learn many things … There were moments in the year when I had a little fun, but I learned to take care of myself, I could live a lot of things, I did not live anywhere else. "

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