Monday , April 12 2021

Apple has canceled packages patches from WhatsApp from its app store – News Technology – Technology

Apple's technology giant will remove the patches from its application store and limit the rise of new "packages" to ensure that the vast majority of plugins will hit their policies. Some applications have already been deleted.

According to the leak portal WaBetaInfo, in its Twitter account, Apple's decision to eliminate the packages based on the violation of its store application policy.

The newly added WhatsApp functionality allows users to use image packages to communicate with their contacts. In addition to the defaults in the application owned by Facebook, if users want to expand their label catalog, they should go through third party developments.

Stickers work differently how they work in applications such as telegram. In the case of application created by the Russians, when packets of stickers are uploaded, they are uploaded directly to Telegram. In WhatsApp it is necessary to install and have the cell phone as many applications of stickers as some packages.

As revealed by @WABetaInfo, Apple claimed that it will delete packets and sticks that "there are many applications with similar behavior, it requires that WhatsApp be installed (when applications published on the App Store must work without the need to install others) same.

The rules, which comply with Apple's review guidelines in the app store, prohibit the copying of "a recent popular app on the App Store" or "make minor changes to the name or user interface of another application and make it switch like yours."

On the subject, the leaks portal also created a thread of Twitter conversation where he promised that "Apple will reject or eliminate its App Store label if it uses the template user interface provided by WhatsApp", a message to developers.

On the other hand, some of the network users were agonized before the decision. "We've changed the design and improved functionality, Apple continues to reject and ignore our appeal," said a user who added the video to the application of custom stickers.

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