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Argentina: In Cordoba, the renovation


The Argentine team, in the process of renewal without its star participation, Lionel Messi, will receive tonight, in Cordoba, its similar from Mexico, the first of two friendly games in the country.

A series of encounters, with the first episode at the world stadium of Mario Camps in Cordoba, and a replay in Mendoza, next Tuesday, It happens in the middle of a single moment for both of them together.

Indeed, as albiciestes like Terry are now led by Intermediate coaches, with Lionel Scaloni under the command of Argentina after the departure of Jorge Sampaoli without a new coach in sight for the next few weeks.

on the other side, The Aztecs landed with coach Ricardo Partti, But with good options to sign the Argentine Gardo Martino, former coach of albiceleste and Paraguay, and the excellent performance this year in the American League, for the next World Cup.

The first match of the Argentine national team Argentina in its country after the failure of the World Cup of Russia 2018 provoked an expectation of lower, which was highlighted after the organizers decided to reduce ticket prices.

Scalloni, passion and enthusiasm

The absence of Messi and other characters such as Sergio Agro, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel Di Maria, are opposed to Scalloni's bet on younger names, such as those of Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi, Partners to attack Inter Milan, and above all, Paolo Dibla, A figure of Juventus.

The future of Messi in the elect continues to the nebula, Since the star of Barcelona did not clarify whether he would return to wear the shirt of his country after a new global disappointment, with elimination in the second round of Russia against France as the last postcard with the selected.

"It is always a pride to return to the national team and I really want to play in the country.In addition, we want to continue with this new project with America America America's vision next year. We are very happy with Scalloni, even if he is a young coach, who just started, because he has a lot of passion, a lot of enthusiasm, "said Ackardy.

On the other hand, Scaloni was conditioned to double this duel by not summoning players from Boca and river, The most popular clubs in Argentine football, who asked to use all their characters for the superclásico which will set the Copa Libertadores on Saturday, November 24.

For some injuries, at the last minute the driver of the albiceleste team also suffered losses of the defender Nicholas Otamendi, midfielder Matías Zaracho and striker Eduardo Salvio.

In any case, it is expected that Scaloni will provide the best possible training for the first duel, with the presence of Dibla, Acardi and Otaru Martinez, Plus the opening request Paolo Gasniga, with a long career in English football.

Lionel Scalloni: "I'm not excited about the Copa America, it's hypothetical"

Argentina is preparing for a new round of friends on the next FIFA World Cup.

Still without a coach confirmed, the team seeks to warm their hopes after a disappointment in the World Cup in Russia, which left some reasons to be excited about the future.

One day from the test against Mexico in Cordoba, the coach, Lionel Scaloni, Held a press conference in the courtyard of Aziza, where he allowed a joke about the possibility of continuing to be responsible for the group.

They fall to other, more experienced candidates, and Asumas Vos now as a concrete option to continue, he told the journalist, to whom the DT said, on the brink of laughter: "By decanting … that there is no one!

The DT referred to the subject beyond the joke and said he had nothing new to say about that prospect. "The truth is I do not know anything about it, and if I knew even if she slipped something, I know what I came and what I am," he explained.

"We," he added, "are thinking about these games and on December 10 we will start thinking about the pre-season to prepare South America 20 subfields."

"I'm not excited about Copa America. I can not hope for anything hypothetical. Yes, I'm excited about tomorrow's game. I have no idea why I came to the senior staff. The goal was to add new players " Scalloni added.

As for the game of the day, Scaloni gave the training although according to doubt, the problem is suffering Juan In the last practice. "Juan was a pretty big cut, we'll see if he can play, and if not, the incumbent will be Gabi Mardo," he said.

DT also announced that it is applicable to two different groups "so all can participate", as it did the double FIFA with Guatemala and Colombia. "The result is not important, but to see the players, "he snapped.

The hard run of injuries

The injuries are the opposite of the good climate seen in the aziza property. For the victims of Nicholas Ottandi (Aquilian inflammation), Eduardo Salvio (left ankle sprain), Matías Zaracho (right knee strain) and Rodrigo Battaglia (broken broken fracture), now joined by Germán Pezzella, Who suffered a muscular injury in the muscles of her left thigh and was cut off from the conversation.

Walter Kannemann, Which recovers from convincing pain, moves without problems in the first part of the workout. Groups? On one side were Paolo Gasniga; Renzo Serbia, Juan Foyth, Ramiro Pons Mori, Nicholas Tagliafico; Leandro Paredes, and Annie Lou Celso, Marcus Aquunya; Paolo Dibla; Lautaro Martínez and Mauro Icardi.

Opposite, in a yellow shirt, they stopped Gerónimo Rulli; Gabriel Mercado, Emanuel Mammana, Gastón Avila (play, champion in L 'Alcudia); Roberto Ferreira, Gaston Gimenez, Eric Lemela, Franco Château; Maximiliano Matza, Giovanni Bagni Simeon and Engel Correa.

Yesterday, after training, Around 6:30 pm, the delegation traveled to Cordoba to settle for the first of the two friendships against Mexico.

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