Saturday , April 17 2021

Axel Kitziloff: “When I was vaccinated I was’ a crazy suicide …

Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kitziloff, Supported Buenos Aires mayors, government officials and opponents, who ran for Sputnik V At the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Buenos Aires and crossed the statements of members of Juntos por el Cambios: “When I was vaccinated I was a suicidal lunatic who injected himself with poison. For these, I’m now a vaccinated VIP. ”

Kitziloff, at a press conference in Nocuchia, stressed that the certification of a “vaccinated VIP” for community leaders, who used the first doses to encourage the population against the campaign against vaccines, Falls from the opposition on “mayors of the same party.”

together with Statements by President Alberto Fernandez in Mexico, where at a press conference he described the opposition’s complaints as “antics”, Kitzloff said: “The desire to harm is so intense that they go there and put everything in the same file. I want to clarify and credit the mayors who were initially vaccinated to end this rubbish in the campaign against vaccines That this disaster they tried to do will learn in history, “lamented the district leader.

In this sense, the district president specifically pointed to the leader of the civic coalition, Alyssa Cario, whom Accused of making “pancakes in the air” for vaccinations. “Cario said the vaccine is poison. I did not listen to her, I did not hear her say she was wrong, because the business of forgetting is used to make pancakes in the air and say the opposite,” the governor asked.

In addition, Kitziloff also mentioned other opposition leaders such as Alfredo Cornejo and Mario Negri, and he told everyone: “They need to apologize today”.
“We beat them at the same time, the Argentines beat them,” he stressed in a campaign against vaccines conducted by Juntos Four El Cambio.

As for the departure of Jeans Gonzalez Garcia from the Ministry of Health, the governor has moved away Note that during the vaccination campaign in Buenos Aires “there are no hidden or privatized vaccines”, Recognizing that there is no “control system” wherever the doses are applied.

In this respect, Kitziloff admitted that there could be some deception on the part of people who lied in their sworn statements or were given some contact. “It’s not right, you should try to avoid it, you should look for them and punish them, but we understand that they are new things,” he said in this regard.

“We will continue to add controls, we are going to vaccinate the entire healthcare system. Some could lie and could fit. It’s wrong, it’s derogatory and should be condemned, “He promised.

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