Thursday , May 13 2021

Beatrice Salomon on Cancer: "My daughter asked me not to leave her alone"

The actress was moved to tears when she talked about her illness

It was a difficult year

Beatrice Salomon

, who will
After being applied to the hip
Was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the invitation of Mirata Legrand, the actress was moved to tears when she talked about her health and how she was going through this difficult time.

"This is my first artistic trip, to come visit you," he told the driver, who admitted he hesitated to invite her to the show, but the production encouraged her to do so. "I feel better, it was a terrible year, because this disease is very bleeding," he says.

Beatrice has been fighting for 10 months with the disease and is about to finish her treatment and be released. "Luckily I did the blood tests, and this week I have an MRI to see how I face, it seems I'm still on the pills," he discovered about his current situation. "They treated me very well in Fernandez and thanks to you," he told Martha, who was the godmother of the being.

While she enjoyed dinner, the actress said she was only returning the appetite. "A week ago, like everything, before I ate anything, I lost ten kilos and lost all my muscle mass, I lost my hair too, it's a wig," he said, dismissing the tears.

"To hold me, I take a lot of my daughters, which are the most important thing, this is the only way forward," he admitted before telling how it was when he heard about the diagnosis. "It was hard when they told me, and that day I had to tell my daughters, first I talked to a bigger one who told me, 'There's a mother, do not leave me,'" she said excitedly. "But hey, things are alive."

For the love of her daughters, Beatrice decided
To talk again to her ex-husband, who took over the girls, aged 15 and 18, throughout the treatment. "My ex-girlfriend had a little approach, because when I got sick I could not keep up with the routine Dad had to fill." We talked and he started taking care of the children, going to school, taking them for a walk. It's very important to them. "

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