Friday , January 22 2021

"Boca goes to remember the B, but Bernabéu" and "River has a son": euphoria expressions of "Pinino" More

Oscar We evacuated More, Correct his style, analyzed the historical victory of the river before the classic rival of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores controversial in Santiago Bernabéu and left some euphoria statements that promise to get an answer from the side xeneize.

In dialogue with Football, A program broadcast by Radio network, Said the former millionaire poet that Boca could not remove this defeat and claimed that those of Noñez "have a son" to those of La Rivera.

"The river was well covered, but the river has players who have a great responsibility, a great hierarchy, they are professionals, they love the shirt, they like it, because this river proved to be a champion," said Villa Ballester. Then he added:They took us out, but not the eggs. If they took the game to the Malvinas River, And he played because he had bigger balls than Christmas. Boca can not say anything. "

According to Maas, Hashem's defeat in the Xeneize He Guillermo Barros Lotto. "I never took Benedetto, Tevez would give more time and Gago did not have to go in," he said. However, he clarified that "Able Benedetto asked to change because of the shit he was".

"The pain hurt me." We went to the well, of course, but Boca will never take it out, they have it inside. We went to B, but they will remember that we won in Santiago Bernabeu. They are going to remember the B, Bernabéu B. Let them go to church and mourn. They can not beat us, we have them as a son. What Meretz said was that they were being hurt. River won a historic game, "he replied.

Finally, We evacuated But he was pleased with Marcelo Gallardo, whom he submitted to refer to the Argentina team. "I put it first in the history of a river."

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