Saturday , January 16 2021

Bononio refused to postpone the investigation to Janfranco Macri

Legal sources informed the NA that Janparenko Makri, through his lawyers, had asked to postpone the hearing on Thursday at 10 am In a function that is still outside and will arrive in Israel in the early hours of Friday.

However, Bondio rejected the rejection and the brother of the National President must be presented under warning, That is, if it does not go it will go look for it by public power.

As far as Franco Macri was concerned, the lawyers asked to suspend the hearing when they claimed it The president's father has serious health problems, and he can not come up with a statement of inquiry.

According to sources, along with the announcement, the lawyers presented a medical certificate to the judge giving account of the state of Franco Macri and may be invited to expert opinion to confirm this situation.

Bonadio quoted them along with other business people, including Eduardo Eurnekian, for access to the North and Autopistas del Sol office and they are accused of paying bribes for the West access through the Western Group franchise SA.

The list of winners includes businessman Gerardo Ferreira, an Electrangerian, who is already in preventive custody as a member of an illegal association for illegal payments to access public works.

Many of the defendants are quoted again because Judge Bondio severed the mother's affairs and divided the investigations related to transportation payments, concessions to the road or public works.

For this reason, ex-employees Claudio Oberti, a former official of the Concession Control Panel (OCCOVI) and former secretary of public works José Lopez, former Transport Secretary Ricardo Jaime and former Federal Planning Minister Julio de Vidu are mentioned again.

The new permanent investigations continue until the next 27 December, and then have ten days to resolve the procedural situation.

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