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Britney Spears: Glory to Drama and Retreat

27A A wedding that lasted only 55 hours, after a "crazy night" in Las Vegas, It seemed to be the first sign that something was wrong with him Britney Spears. It was 2004 and only five years disappeared from being a girl with a desire to succeed in music being known "Father's Princess", With Four studio albums, two world tours and millions of records sold.

Tehila began to back the young woman in her twenties Without imagining it, he was in a whirl of catastrophic incidents that would lead to collapse, in front of millions of spectators, as if it were a reality show.

And since the release of his first album Baby one more time, In 1999, a girl with braids and angelic aspect became obsessed with thousands. But Britney did not always want to be the girl Disney Club (Where his career began) and already on the 2001 album he released the subject I'm working for you, In which all her sensuality exploded.

It was like The voice of rebellion and lack of control was growing in BritneyWho, to the surprise of many, married the dancer Kevin Federline In 2004. A year later she became a mother and in 2006 their second child was born.

The marriage with Federline lasted only two years. At the end of 2006 he applied for a divorce. LlIn this he ended the end of their relationship and the beginning of the echoing fall of the star.

It was confirmed that things were not going well with Britney when, harassed by the press and the paparazzi, She read in a live interview and asked to be left alone. At the same time, the singer received a visit to the way she observed her children, her image, and basically everything she did.

From that moment on Parties with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and unstable behavior have become commonplace in Britney. But one of the lowest points came February 16, 2007, when she entered a beauty salon in California and shaved off. A short while later he went into a rehabilitation clinic, where he stayed for only one day.

It was in those dark days when Brittany starred in another incident she still remembers. Already with head to monkfish and tired of the harassment of paparazzi, took an umbrella and launched to attack the vehicle of a photographer. It was time to take drastic measures and Spears spent a month in a psychiatric hospital.

"The Princess of Dad" later faced a battle with Federline for custody of her children and within her personal drama she had to go back to work. B September 2007 were presented on MTV VMAs, But he seemed to be absent on the stage, with slow, clumsy movements and unhindered He released a new album that year.

Things did not improve for the star and at the end of 2007 she had to leave custody of her children to Federline in addition to being ordered to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

In the following months everything was falling on Britney. In January 2008 a different picture was produced by the singer: Spears under the influence of material he had left by ambulance from his home To be taken to the clinic.

only The time and intervention of Spears' father helped the singer survive this difficult time. Brittany reached a custody agreement with Federline and left her father's care.

It's been a decade It seems that "Father's Princess" would recuperate her life, But a new drama was released only a few days ago. Weeks after announcing an uninterrupted break in her career to take care of her father, Brittany entered a psychiatric clinic to deal with a crisis of agony.

He went out one day to celebrate Easter with his children and his image, in a simple dress and wild hair, worried about his admirers.

It seems that the drama of "The Princess of Pop" is not over.

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