Wednesday , August 4 2021

Carlos Percival: "I do not believe Thelma Pradin, she entered the room of Juan Darthés"

Carlos Percival He referred to Thelma Parden's complaint against Juan Dartes for rape. A Uruguayan actor and producer said that I did not believe Aux Ugly duck, He asked her about going to his colleague's room, although he did not defend the hero of the strip, he asked himself:Ten years later, how do you prove it? "

"Women wear a strip and if you say, what a nice ass, they send you to the prisoner, stop screwing me, They have nothing to do. After they won everything, because the world is dominated by women, everyone knows, "Percival opened in an interview with the newspaper Country Of Uruguay.

Then, without mentioning Thelma, she referred to the press conference she gave a few weeks ago in which she said she had condemned Dartes Lance.You "Now the women are insulted and fucked, and he raped me ten years ago in Nicaragua. It does not mean that I am defending this man that I do not call him because he is Boldo. But they are artists. It's not people. What the hell is that? "

"Men are unconscious, women are also crazy, they do not know what to invent. This poor girl, I'm sorry she has to remember what happened in Nicaragua ten years ago … that's not what to do. There is so much to do, so much to help ", He added.

In addition, he said that he did not like to turn the complaint into a public one decade later and asked:How do you prove it? This woman is talking about something that happened ten years ago in Nicaragua. And he just remembered now. It's not serious ".

When asked if he believes, he is blunt:No, how can I believe him? She went into the room, she did it because she wanted to have sex with him. Let him do itI also do not intend to visit. "

With more than 63 years of stage, he said he never suffered from harassment and was insisting that women say "They have always been attributed to ": "They're all crazy, girls. If you have a divine cleavage and they say 'What beautiful tits' They do not attack you, they praise you. "

All changes in the company They will not change their way with humorHe said, "I think Olmedo was great, it's wonderful, I have all his plans, I wear them and I see them." A sensational man, not so much the fat porter, but he dragged a crowd, and people wept with laughter. It's all the blessed people, now there are no comedians, if men can not laugh at women, what are we going to laugh at? Women can laugh at men if they want because no one will do them anything.

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